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Management,Maths,Leadership, soccer,singing(gospel),planning,ect

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Changing and improving the lifes of young people in our country by empowering them and making necessary tools available to them.I only need resources and support from all our community stakeholders as well as surrounding communities.

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I am a person of great personality traits who grew up on a very disadvantaged background as well as the community.I always knew that I’m the master of my country’s destiny that is why I have never let anything stand on my way.I have passed my matric with flying colours and has always been the top achiever at both school and college where I did generic management with project management,management practice,entrepreneurship,financial management,operations management whereby I came out top with awards and trophies every semester.where I live there is no social cohesion and iv made it my mission to change that.I am currently a chairperson of an NGO called The Lovely Voice.people need to know what,why,when,how and who is happening on their backyard and I intend to make that happen by this establishment

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Katlego Sito