August 27, 2017 21:37

Hi Okullo
Your project realy impress me as you are keeping kids away from the streets and provide them with activities to do.I wish all the best and wish you could put a lot of hardwork on your project so that it can reach its set objectives.good luck

August 27, 2017 21:26

Hi Uledi
Thanx again for the support you are giving me.I really appreciate it.I'm looking forward to working with the age group of 18-35.preferably the young guys.I would also like to get in touch with you even after the competition. You can contact me on [email protected]
Good luck on your project as well

August 27, 2017 12:56

Hi Jennifer
I would like to thank you for the comment and support.I really appreciate it.I hope you have learnt a lot in this campus as it is really helpful.together let's strive to make this world a better place for all.thank you and kind regards

August 27, 2017 12:53

Thank you Aaron for your comment and believe on my is true that it will have a very positive impact on peoples life's that is why I have to make sure it gets implemented and its set objectives are met effectively. Thank you and kind regards

August 26, 2017 23:25

Hy Sunday
The end of the competition is near and you still haven't replied or even commented on your is realy a fantastic idea whereby it needs hands must get advises from others and use them to edit your idea to the better.I hope you did the online trai ing as it is so helpful.good luck and kind regards

August 26, 2017 23:21

It is true that poverty will be alleviated by creation of employment. I think if your project was established long ago,the world would have been a better place.don't wait for a certain year because the people out there are starving.the time for implementation is encouraged and work hard on it.good luck and kind regards

Comment on: TAVOLA CALDA
August 26, 2017 23:16

Making something of your own is a wonderful thing because even your competitors might sell your product which means more business for you.I wish you all the best on your idea
Kind regards

August 26, 2017 23:13

A life of begging is never nice for a human being of any sort.thank you for the project that will make them independent and never beg again.each and everyone will be economically and financially stable.I wish you all the best on your project.kind regards

Comment on: Rangú App
August 26, 2017 23:08

I am humbly impressed by your project as it will help the companies as well the consumers also not forgetting the ones who will receive donations from you. Good luck with such a wonderful idea.kind regards

Comment on: School for Parents
August 26, 2017 22:53

It is so sad to hear the statistics of your country's suicide.I want to encourage you to work hard to establish your wonderful idea so that young individuals of your country will be saved.good luck to you