August 22, 2017 10:58

Hi uledi,Anita and Seth
Guys thank you for your support and best wishes.I have gathered everything together and I'm currently knocking on door try to find the last resource which is financial resources.thank you and best wishes on your ideas and projects.from the bottom of my heart I appreciate it.

August 20, 2017 23:34

Hy Nadia
Your idea is really impressive.I need you to offer workshops to all your team members so that they will always have the ability carry out their objectives effectively.good luck

Comment on: Pioneer Connect
August 20, 2017 23:29

Hi fio
You idea is so good for the people who does things to benefit their cohesion is important on every community and we need ideas like your that will push it so that this world can be developed.thank you and good luck

Comment on: Connector Cover
August 20, 2017 23:23

Hi Prathvi
Your idea is a life saver mostly in terms of emergency is so good to get a chance to use an extra sim on a single sim phone.
I wish you all the best and I would like to know if you are the person who will invent or create the cover or you have a specialist who deals with that

August 20, 2017 23:15

Ha ha haaaa Seth
You have sent me the wrong comment.don't be in a hurry take your time.I believe you are one of the active and great members in here.I wish you all the luck for your idea

August 20, 2017 21:57

Hi Uledi
Thanks for your comment and queations.this project will be for everyone who needs to send any info to any target market as long as it is not discriminating others.the municipalities have already been approached so that they may pay to communicate any info to their wards.I hope you are answered and I wish you all the luck

August 20, 2017 21:53

Hi john
Thanks for your comment and support you give in Sa all we need is just accurate information and the rest will be on our hands on what to do with it.thank you and good luck

August 20, 2017 21:51

Hi Thabiso
Thank you for your support and tell you the truth,this platform has really taught me a lot of things I have never thought of before.thank you very much.I did the interviews on every media to seek the support you are currently giving me and by that I thank you a lot

August 20, 2017 21:48

Hi Enock
Thank you for your encouragement by means of a comment.when people receive information accurately and punctually, they will easily take necessary steps to tackle that problem or grab the opportunity and by that,the country will easily be developed as it will be having active citizens and the opportunities will be available for all.thank you and best wishes

August 20, 2017 21:44

Hi firanbek
I have already commented and advised on your project but I will have a look at it again and give more advice and support. I wish you luck on this plartform