September 7, 2017 12:36

Hi guys
I see a lot of you are asking about the execution of the idea.all things are set except for the financial resources(funds) as I'm currently going up and down trying to accumulate them.I would like to make a plea to you that who ever knows a certain person or organisation that help with funds should contact and refer me to them.I'm also open for any person or organisation that would be keen to work with me.i came up with this idea because I'm trying to lookout for SA citizens.just like when my icon Mr Nelson Mandela saying" a country that doesn't take care of its youth doesn't deserve a future.I 100% agree that is why I'm doing whatever I'm doing today.looking out for you guys.kind regards

September 7, 2017 12:28

Hi Dao
I'm greatful to hear what you are telling me now.the thing is I'm struggling with your full name so that I can recognise and identify you.I'm aware that most of the people I have helped are successful but the bad thing is they left the township. Let's hope that one day they will come home and give back.these guys owe me nothing because I was doing it from the goodness of my staff and some of them were helping me with transport fees to school.and yes together we made can refer to me as Katlego the great Sheppard. All your support and encouragements is what keeps me going.I will launch this idea soon I promise.I can't plan a thing and let it fade away.I will knock up until someone opens and help me with this finance issue.good luck comrade

September 7, 2017 10:21

Hi Seth
I was always sure that you will make it to the finals. I was shocked to see that you are not there on the top 10.but believe me when I say your efforts and progress will always make an impact on our lives as well as our projects along with everyone who will benefit from it.everything happens for a are given enough time to Polish tour idea and make sure it gets launched and help all these people that needs it out there.i m greatful for all the support you have shown to said we will meet at the top and that I can bet we will.good luck
Go Seth Gooooooo

Comment on: Green Space
September 7, 2017 10:13

Hi Team green space
I want to take this moment to say well-done for all the efforts you have put on this competition and advises as well as the support you have given to me specifically as well as other were always active and its hard luck you were not on the top 10 list.I would like you to carry on with your wonderful idea.see to it that it gets implemented so that you can effectively reach your set goals even though you did not make it on this particular competition.go out there with your head up and conquer this world.we will meet at the top.that I can assure you.don't give up.good luck on all your endeavors.

September 7, 2017 10:06

Hy Nthabi
Yes we made it to the finals along with everyone who supported this initiative.I'm aware of the strikes underway that are caused by this lack of information.i don't know if you saw on the news where there is taxi strike at Johannesburg, some people already lost their lives.its realy sad.we realy have to do something to launch this idea to eradicate this on going only stuck with fiancial resources. I need you to help me as well as our me look for the funds and contact me once you have any leads. Kind regards

September 7, 2017 10:00

My guy Solly
I hope all of you guys have learnt a very good lesson through me on this competition that nothing is absolutely was hard because I was among the people who gets high number of votes daily.I knew I couldn't and I didn't give up.I found an alternative of getting to the finals through other means of being active always,advising on other ideas and projects.and here I am at the finals against all odds.thank you for all your support and being great followers I appreciate it so much

September 5, 2017 18:49

To all supporters of I KNOW
I would like to announce that our favourite idea (I KNOW)has made it to the finals of this is through all your support and votes that we have made it this far.for that I'll forever be greatful.

Seth I always thought that you will be among the 10 but I'm sorry u didn't make it.I would like to encourage you as well as others who didn't make it to push very very hard to make your project a success.this world depend on you guys
Go out there and make daddy proud.cheers

September 4, 2017 08:33

Hi great minds
You have been quite for some time now.I need your advise guys.I need you to look into my idea,after that help identify mistakes or what I can add.
After doing that I need you to tell me how to edit.I know you can and I also know you have plenty of time.pls help
Thank you and kind regards

September 3, 2017 21:42

Hi Nthabi
Ha ha haaaa.I'm not scared but I'm just curious. The thing is most of the fate is based on the votes and I couldn't vote for myself to get my set target of votes.if it was up to me,you know I don't settle for anything that is not outstanding.what I like the most is that I have learned a lot on this platform and I have also met a lot of young leaders with great minds who adviced me to update my idea.
My idea is now ready to get started because of the editions I have made after joining this wonderful and educational platform.for that I will forever be greatful to all its stakeholders.
Kind regards

September 3, 2017 20:15

Hy Kemal
Thanks for the invite.can you please provide the full details of the OIC because I would realy like to take part as it will help us to engage personally with other young innovators from across the globe.from the bottom of my heart I thank you
Kind regards