August 20, 2017 21:41

Hi simba
Thanks for your advice and comment.this project will be sub divided into small parts,each having a team leader who all report to the project manager.the divisions will be categorized as well as the intended target that we will be able to measure outcomes as well as feedbacks we will be getting from our clients.we will also offer after sales services whereby we measure our reached goals and mistakes so that we may rectify where we have wronged.I hope you are answered and I wish you all the best

August 20, 2017 21:35

Hy Anita
Thanks for the words of encouragement.I have quickly responded you because I'm always online on this campus as I'm trying to make something out of my idea.I'm glad you think so.thank you and all the best on you idea as well

August 20, 2017 21:33

Hy malete
Thanks for all the support you guys are giving me.I really appreciate it.if it wasn't for you guys I wouldn't be here.this idea is for all the citizens as it will tackle all the problems that are described and not reached by our government as per South African Information Act.I wish you all the best for your project as well.kind regards

Comment on: EDUPAY
August 18, 2017 20:58

Hi thanks for helping our parents to enbrighten the future of our brothers and sisters.I wish you good luck on your project.just work hard and make sure you help these people to develop themselves.kind regards

August 18, 2017 20:10

Hy Wendy
I would like to thank you for your support and believe on me.with your support I will easily make it to the top and alleviate poverty on our country.I would like to urge you to encourage others to vote and comment on this project.thank you very much.God bless you

August 17, 2017 22:58

Ur project is very impressive and it is made for you.not everyone can dwell on that because they are afraid of bees.I need to know if you have safety precautions in terms of mistakes or danger that may happen because I have learnt that bees can kill a human being so easy.

I wish you all the best

August 17, 2017 22:50

Hi Chloe
It is fine.just like Mr Bolt,some are slow staters but strong long as it happened within the timeframe I see no problems.thank you for your is what will encourage me to go forward and grow stronger than this establishment, everyone will be accurately and punctually be warned of anything.information is very important on our everyday lives and we have the right for it.I wish you all the best

August 17, 2017 22:46

Hi Asoma
Thanks for getting back to me.I really can't wait for us to work together as a team to make this world a better place for long as we as leaders stick together and advice each other,we will definitely make it.I can't wait for us to work together. Thank you and best wishes

August 17, 2017 22:42

Hy Shura
Thanks for your support and everything.yes the youth will benefit a lot and so does the whole continent and hopefully across the globe.I just want to see the world changed and developed.the opportunities should be presented to everyone(rich and poor) one deserve to sleep on an empty stomach.let's alleviate poverty by creating opportunities. Thank you.I wish you all the best

August 17, 2017 22:35

Hi dao
Thanks for everything.the project will be launched soon.currently I'm still arranging and puting together the financial resources. Once I have got that,I will be set to go.i understand how south agrica need this kind of establishment.dont worry as long as we are here and supporting each other,we will make it.kind regards and good luck