Comment on: Project Dignity
August 14, 2017 23:38

Hi Natasha
You are really MAMA Africa as you take care of the unprivileged ones.I would like to offer you my full support and encourage you to keep going and keep up the good work because you really have a good thing going there.thank you and best wishes

August 14, 2017 23:31

Hi Tochukwu
I would like you to know that I'm 100% behind you and I choose to vote and support your project on a daily basis because it is really helping a lot of families and it brings development to your country as well.I hope you get all the help you need.may the good Lord double nor even triple everything you have.
Good luck

Comment on: AgMicrofund
August 14, 2017 23:25

I'm really impressed by the hard work you have put in.I realy appreciate least you made something about all those malnutrition deaths that are happening. Keep up the good work and God bless you to grow further

Comment on: Charity Navigator
August 14, 2017 23:15

Hi Hamze
Ur idea is really impressive and promising.however I struggle to understand if you are going to serve as an NGO or as a business whereby you will charge these charities for the help you are giving them.
Please get back to me and good luck

Comment on: Toilet paper wisdom
August 14, 2017 23:02

Hi Pale
Ur idea is realy impressive and very much promising.keep up the good work and never loose hope.this world needs people like you
I would like to advice you to try another ways pass this important info by means of other day to day cosumable like plastics of bread,shopping bags,bunny chao(sphatlho)bags, do know your country's people and what they do everyday.
Kind regards and best wishes

August 14, 2017 22:52

Hi your idea is indeed going to develop Africa as a whole because our ernegy supply is not stable at all.well-done for filling the gap.
I wish you all the best.
Afterall I assume excecution will be highly expensive and I wonder how are you going to tackle that.
Thank you

August 12, 2017 23:25

It js good for Indonesia to have people like you.I would like to wish you good luck on helping the needy.these loan sharks are really affecting our economy as they don't even pay tax.please make sure you help these trying entrepreneurs.I would only like to know who will fund all your activities and how you are going to keep it running continuously. Best wishes

August 12, 2017 23:14

I realy find your project very impressive and on the edge of helping and solving the farmers' most problems.I would like to know if you already have promoters who will promote internally or it will be externally so.if its external,try hiring internal promoters who will fall under you as that will enable you to charge less.I wish you good luck and thank you

August 12, 2017 23:01

I'm impressed with your idea and the way you explain shoes that you understand what you are talking about.we need platforms like these in the world to make it the better world.keep it up.make sure you work hard to make it work.kind regards

Comment on: Education Application
August 12, 2017 22:54

Hi Kajol
Ur idea is really impressive and it will help develop a country easily.this app will realy make the difference in the education industry.thank you and best wishes