August 12, 2017 22:47

Hi Anita
Thanks for your comment and support.this idea is really great and good for the people o the whole continent.when people receive people accurately,they would easily take action and by that way the country will develop easily.thank you very much and good luck to you too

Comment on: NUTROALL PH
August 11, 2017 23:59

Hy thanx for your innovative project as well as thinking for the people of this security is very important as well as knowing what to consume at what time.thanks you.I wish you all the best.
Please care to advise and comment on my idea as well

August 11, 2017 23:53

Hi prathvi
Thanx for you comment and support.I really appreciate.there is already a team that is permanently on I KNOW.but when we do the data collections,we will employ other youth members that will do the data collections and they will be paid per data they collected.we will employ different young individuals from all the regions across the country.thanx again.good luck

August 10, 2017 21:31

This radio idea will really help, solve problems and motivate young individuals whom I refer as our future leaders.I truly support you and wish you all the best.keep up the good work

Pleas care to advise and comment on my project as well

August 10, 2017 21:22

Ur idea is one of the best and I wish you were here in SA.there is a strong need of water.some other places doesn't have electricity so it is difficult to do borehole. I would like to know your pricing and how you work.
Please get in touch with me on [email protected] or on facebook I'm katlego Soto

Please advise and support my idea.kind regards

August 10, 2017 21:16

Hi I realy support and like your idea.u thought out of the box.even though there are similar apps,yours is unique and special as it caters for everybody even those who doesn't have smartphones.
Thank you and good luck

Please care to advise and offer support on my project as well

August 10, 2017 21:09

Hy Jalil
Thanks for this wonderful project that help take artists and all the talented people to showcase their skill and talent.Im 100% behind you and wish you all the luck.please don't forget to extend it here in SA because we have a lot of talented people that need initiatives like yours here
Kind regards.

Please care to advise and comment on my project as well

Comment on: ChalkPeace
August 10, 2017 20:59

U are really doing the great job.keep it up and never loose hope.the world needs such initiatives and young individuals need to grow up councelled and free from everything that may cause them to be against peace.I wish you good luck.I think you guys should write a comic book which contains all the stories you have been through and sell it by that way you will be raising funds and reaching those who cannot be at your workshops.kind regards

Please care to advise and comment on my project as well

Comment on: Tale Weavers
August 10, 2017 20:50

Ur idea is really impressive.children have to grow up motivated and knowing what they want in life.thank you for that.on your activities, please include helping children how to get whatever they want and how to maintain whatever they are.even today,there are things that I learned from primary school 20 years ago but even today I'm still living by those principles. Thank you and good luck

August 10, 2017 20:41

Hi asoma
Thanx for your support I really appreciate it.I would really be happy if we can work together in the future.kind email is [email protected] we can get to know each other more.good luck