August 9, 2017 22:37

Your idea is realy great and needed in this world.people doesn't loose luggage or get trafficked voluntarily so but they were tricked or train them to identify the threats is really a great will be creating awareness in this world through your trainings.I just wish you could make them free or affordable for everyone so that everyone can have access to that the world will be a better and safe place.thank you and good luck

August 9, 2017 22:29

Hi Juvien
People realy need help to further their studies.your innovativity means the help will carry on continuously. Thank you for that.I see a good thing here where you are stating that there is a minimum wage restriction where the helped one will be obliged to help once they earn such an amount.I want to say that is fair enough and great.what I need you to do is to partner with companies(mostly willing to pay fair enough),once someone finish his studies,hold him by the hand and take him to that company so that he can work there and surely he will help that you won't wait for someone to search and find a job only to find out that it doesn't pay run your initiative successfully, you have to be sure that you will help a lot of people continuously.if I may ask,where are you going to get the funds to help the first group and pay your human resources even afterwards?.thank you and good luck

Comment on: She Owns It
August 9, 2017 22:00

It is so good to see someone caring like you for those at home.those women who sit at home and raise us needs to be cared for.Ur idea will really help them a lot.all you need to do is make sure you make them that you are there by marketing on platforms that they will know about them.the ones which they use the most like their phones,television,etc.
I wish you all the best

August 9, 2017 21:46

Yes yes yes
Your idea is realy impressive and great.when I read it I thought you will teach people to work but I see you are teaching them to be entrepreneurs.I need you to effectively carry out your set are targeting people that are mostly neglected that is really great.because you are dealing mostly with the unprivileged people,please try taking care of their travelling and lunch costs.thank you and good luck

August 9, 2017 21:18

I don't know about ur country but here in SA,chicken are the best meat sellers even though their prices are high because of the amount of feed they take from a day old up until the transaction is quite expensive.try dividing your chichens in different storages so that when they catch an illness you won't loose the whole stock because they affect one another.another thing to make sure you have the right cashflow,make sure the ages of your stock vary.for example,after every two weeks,buy or hatch fish and chicken so that you will always gave stock to sell.and lastly make sure you have deals and contractswith supermarkets and meat sellers so that they can buy stock at bulks.I wish you good luck

Comment on: Rahnumai
August 9, 2017 21:07

Your idea is indeed the best and a problem solver.students wait on long cues and even end up sleeping the end some end up without acquiring space.thank you for being so innovative.even parents will be free of worrying how their kids will survive at those strange cities and its long cues.I just wish you could try making your charges affordable for everyone to have access on your services.after all make sure everyone knows about your services and that you are here to help.I wish you good luck.
Kind regards

Comment on: SUNSHINE
August 9, 2017 20:51

The concept of your idea is really great.everyone needs financial knowledge to survive in this world.the people nowadays luv games and it is very innovative to combine that with the financial studies.however,the kind of business you want to venture in needs a lot of marketing.that simply means you have to market it every way possible.I wish u good luck.

August 8, 2017 22:06

Congradulations for such a wonderful be the best,we need the support and advice of each other.such platform will help others learn a lot from others.good luck

August 8, 2017 21:59

Nelson Mandela once said "a nation that doesn't take care of its youth doesn't deserve a future". It is very nice to think of our future leaders.I need you to try partnering with organisations that have and deals with lots of youth whereby you can recruit or get them in high numbers.I wish you all the best.

Please care to comment and advise on my idea.thank you

Comment on: ConnectingValues
August 8, 2017 21:49

Your idea is good but it has a lot of competitors that is why you have to think out of the box and fill the gap by trying to offer things they haven't thought of.just go through all your competitors concept,find a loophole fill it and outshine them.I wish good luck

Please care to comment and advise on my idea.thanx