August 8, 2017 21:41

Be you Be natural
The concept of your idea is really great.people should learn to accept the way God create them and stop trying to be like someone they saw somewhere.I personally don't like plastic women and those who wear a lot of me they appear as lacking self esteem.creating awareness is also a way of counselling them and make them accept the way they are.people end up getting skin diseases trying to be others.
I thank you for this kind of idea

Please care to advise and comment on my idea.

Comment on: Farm on wheels
August 8, 2017 21:26

Hi even though your project will require huge funds,it is truly a good initiative.the disadvantaged farmers will really benefit a lot through you. I don't know here in SA anyone who wants to offer credit should register with the national credit provider association which monitor the interest charges and other things.I need you to do a thorough research before offering a credit to anyone and make sure they register assets that will cover their debts if they fail to cashflow should be carefully especially if your business growth will mostly be funded by it.afterall I wish you all the best.

Please care to look and advise on my idea as well.kind regards

August 8, 2017 21:01

Hi Otaigo
Thanx for your comment it really means a answer you here in S A one doesn't need internet access to receive an SMS so as the SMS system will be able to reach everyone who has a mobile phone even without internet access.I know SMS system will run as a profitable business whereby the profits will be made from clients who want to pass the message to their intended target market.anyone who wants to pass a message will pay depending on the number of people you want to reach.thank you and good luck to you

August 7, 2017 22:13

Hy manthose
Thank you for your support and is only your support that will enable me to effectively execute and implement the idea to help all the South Africans and everyone involved.thank you and kind regards

Comment on: The Virtual Voucher
August 7, 2017 20:12

Hy tiego
Your idea is really great and it will make sending and receiving money safe and easy.for you to reach your set target,all you have to do is to invest a lot on marketing your app.the more people know about it is the more you will reach your target.because all your clients will be using a lot of airtime try making partnerships with service providers as well as the stores to minimise the costs.I wish you all the best.good luck

Please care to advise and comment on

Comment on: Back to Eden
August 7, 2017 17:43

Hy ponsak
U are truly an octopas.I assume this farms will support each other seasonally and occationaly.I just wish you can sub divide all the duties and delegate a manager on each sub there will be a CEO that all the managers report to,each and every task will be easily carried out.thank you and good luck

August 7, 2017 17:24

In rural or disadvantaged communities, health facilities are not easily accessible when they are not highly expensive.thanks for thinking outside the box.however I need to know if the production costs of the finished incubator won't end up making it expensive?how are you going to keep them low.thank you and good luck

Please care to look and advice on my project as well

August 7, 2017 17:17

Hi jalil
Culture is mostly important to most of us.the games we used to play while we were young give us peace of it is realy innovative to combine what we used to enjoy spending time ages ago(games) with what we enjoy spending time on currently(phone).you are really the best.I need you to at least include in you app where ones can play as a team with different mobile phones or even challenge each other from different locations.good lucj

August 7, 2017 17:11

I would really like to support you by this comment and help you reach your set goals on this platform. Keep up the good work as you will be helping the unprivileged is realy nice to see other people with a dream not of making huge profits but also tying to make life's of other easy and wishes

Please care to advise and comment on my project as well.thank you

August 7, 2017 17:05

The concept is one of the greatest as it aims at solving national problems.when you have less production and breeding costs,it will be good for your project's mission as it will easily be carried out.what I need to know is that are you going to sell the pork meat or you are just going to give it for free.good luck

Please care to give advice on my idea as well