August 3, 2017 20:56

This project is realy the best as it deals with the problems we as small business owners face on a daily basis.thank you I can't wait to be part of that project.I need to know how long does it take for one to complete all levels? Kind regards and good luck

August 2, 2017 21:22

Hi Angela
Thanks a lot for your support and is your support that keeps me is my pleasure to work with anyone who has the courage and will to work with me.many minds are better than one.we will help each other to see to it that this idea gets implemented and start reaching its set objectives.thank you a lot

August 2, 2017 21:18

Hy ratu
I would like to thank you so much for your support. Please know that without you I am nothing and wouldn't have been able to overcome or create anything in our hood if it wasn't for your support guys.thank all the team members on my behalf I realy appreciate it guys.God bless u all thank you

Comment on: Fastfood
August 2, 2017 21:07

Your idea is really have the characteristics of an entrepreneur because you saw weak points and leakages in the market and I'm sure filling them is what makes your business outstanding and unique.the business of fast food has a lot of competitors.all you have to do is to draw a SWOT analysis,identify all on the analysis and find a unique and special way to deal with threats.always try making your customers happy and give them after sales services so that they become your regulars. Good luck

Comment on: Fresh UP camping
August 1, 2017 20:41

In every society and every community social cohesion is important for development as people can learn to rely on and support each other.and again,everything begins on our minds as it is what sends the message to the body.I say big up and good luck to you

Comment on: LingomanĂ­a.
July 31, 2017 22:55

Yes yes yes.Africa unite and stop killing each other even calling them our country we constantly face this this of xenophobia whereby sa citizens make it an excuse to break into stores of foreigners.we should be our countries we don't experience world wars because we have multi racial people from all over the world whereby whenever someone thinks of attacking that country,he or she will think of his brothers that are in that country.big up I'm realy realy 100% behind you even with my votes from now on.thank you I realy appreciate it and I pray you get all the support you need.after all WE ARE ONE

July 31, 2017 20:25

Hi asoma
Yes indeed your project is good.someone close to me died of cancer due to lack of medication.governments need assistance to supply these kinds of medications.I don't know if I'm correct,dont someone need a licence to supply those? And again please check because I saw it on the news once that the supplier of these medications patented it across so that no one else produce or sell if not through them and their prices are quite high that is why some governments cannot supply enough.above all good luck.please do check my idea and help however you can

July 31, 2017 20:12

Hi Aaron
Your project is realy know involving parents is realy a good thing.students need someone who can guide them and encourage them throughout their learning time.I wish you could add other stakeholders in the communities to help wherever parents cannot help.good luck

July 31, 2017 19:46

Hy James
The kind of farming you venture into is a very good one and I support you all the way because you are thinking of disadvantaged families in our communities. However,I see on you proposal here you say you are going to produce those product and sell at an affordable price.according to my knowledge, breeding is a little expensive that is why the sales are a little higher.I don't know if you already have the strategy or a way to make your farming costs a little lower than of other competitors.kind regards and good luck.

July 31, 2017 19:14

Thank you for your is a blessing to see you here on the campus as well.God bless you to as well as your team.take good care of yourself and others.I will keep pushing until our country is developed enough.with your support,it will be easy.thank you.I hope you have published your idea because it is a due date today