July 25, 2017 19:28

Hy safa
Thanx for ur case of scammers, I have a team of It specialist who will always monitor and protect our info from being tampered with.all the info sent to our potential market and the targeted audience will be protected also.I hope u are answered.thanx and good luck on ur project.

July 24, 2017 22:36

Hy Esther
Your project is realy great as I just read about it.many people will benefit from it as you have mentioned.I see there that you say that you will train I assume that you are either accredited or willing to outsource.on your details you say that the trained people will be employed.i m curious to know if its by you or other fashion companies.if its by you,if ever you get 300 students at one time,will you be able to hire them at once and afford?
Afterall good luck and best wishes

July 24, 2017 22:23

Hy Mina.
It is good to have your back.please encourage all the others to support and post their ideas on this campus as they can meet other young entrepreneurs from across the intire is nice in here as I meet and exchange ideas with these wonderful young leaders

July 24, 2017 21:19

It is true that we pay attention to mostly to funny things(games).so if you came with the idea of having fun while cleaning the environment,what can I say??????.U ARE STARS.and good luck for everything.I hope you get all the support you need

July 24, 2017 21:12

Your project is very unique and special.that is total innovation and is very rare to see people using thrown away materials into such beautiful products.well-done and good luck

Comment on: S-HomeDev
July 22, 2017 21:08

Hy.the generation of today needs innovations like will really be simple in different households.I hope you get all the support you need here in the campus.good luck

July 20, 2017 13:23

Hi Thabo
Thanx for your support and everything.I realy appreciate it.and yes I'm am trying to make our country a developed and a better country for all.thank you and keep supporting

July 19, 2017 14:49

Your idea Is indeed a good one to alleviate poverty,unemployment,as well as hunger on our societies.we need people like you who think of others and tackle the arising problems.I hope you get all the help you need

July 18, 2017 10:39

Hy Balo
Your idea is very impressive because it is true that at schools we are only taught classroom lessons.if the kids gets a chance of doing practicals on their spate time,they can be better students and also add value to the organisation after graduation.if I may ask,I understand that for the kids to do practicals,they will need resources.have you figured it out how you will get the resources?
Best wishes

Comment on: Click
July 17, 2017 19:53

Hi Nino
Kids nowerdays are very good at games and they love them more than reading or studying.your idea simply means kids will learn while having fun which is good and I believe every kid will buy into that.though I would like to encourage you to present your idea to the department of education so that they can asses and approve it to be used by your intended target market.and I would also like to know if the gadgets are going to be provided by the kids or by your project
Best wishes