August 31, 2017 12:27

Hi Uledi
Yes its true.when you care enough,you will do things that seem impossible for others.we care enough that is why we even raise funds and necessary things to the unprivileged. Thank you for your support.see you at the winners circle

August 31, 2017 00:27

Hi soldier.
Deni although we will wait for the disaster to attack us so that we can get energy,you are such an innovative person who managed to utilise the problem and turned it to a very useful and needed thing.congradulations. I wish you well on this wonderful idea

August 31, 2017 00:23

Hi Sunday
Congradulations on making it this far on this competition.I would like to wish you all the best on all your endeavors. Keep on working hard on your fantastic idea. Kind regards

Comment on: Tugu Mushroom Farm
August 31, 2017 00:20

Hi deo
Your project is realy a tool for alleviating poverty.congradulations and good luck on all your endeavors. It was nice meeting you in here.I hope to meet you in the future.kind regards

August 30, 2017 23:20

Hi guys
Thank you so much for all your support and comments.your advises and encouragements really encourage me and push me to the limit whereby I feel like launching now now.thank you guys.I would like to wish you all the best on all your ideas and projects.
Kind regards

August 30, 2017 23:15

Hi soldier
Congradulations on such a helping and wonderful project. I hope you are satisfied with all your efforts.I would like to wish you all the luck on everything you do.see you at the top of the world.kind regards

Comment on: SENSE
August 30, 2017 23:10

Hi Mbali
I'm sorry to send this late comment my sister but I'm inspired by your innovative mind.woooowww.congradulations girl.keep up the good work.this country needs people like you those who think out of the box.I would like us to communicate even beyond this competition so that we can continue advising,helping and encouraging each other. Thank you,good luck and kind can watsap me on 0822596640.

Comment on: Connector Cover
August 30, 2017 23:02

Hi soldier
The end is will be matter what happens on this competition,we are all winners.let's continue with the fighting spirit to make this world a better living place for all.good luck
Kind regards

August 30, 2017 22:56

Its only few hours left of this competition edition.I hope you are satisfied with your work on this platform and that you have learned a lot from others in here.above all I would like to wish you luck on your project.keep the fire burning.never back down on helping people.good luck and kind regards

Comment on: Soch
August 30, 2017 22:51

Humble greetings to you
I hope that you are satisfied with the efforts you have made on your project on both its own and on this platform as well.I would like to wish you luck on all your endeavors. Kind regards