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Mushroom Farming in Arcturus

Mushroom farming is a relatively niche occupation in Zimbabwe in 2014. However there is a growing movement towards this occupation as mushrooms are a relatively cheap and affordable food source in a country where meat protein can often be unaffordable. Mushroom farming has a huge potential for growth as initially the input costs are low. Mushrooms can be grown in simple structures, as long as they are well insulated. This enterprise has taken advantage of already existing structures as mushroom growing houses. There is also a ready market for mushrooms as mushrooms are used in various cuisines locally. Arcturus is located in a farming community so the main inputs needed for the growing medium of mushrooms can be sourced locally. The business has the potential to be scaled up in accordance with the demands of the market and with the returns realised from sales, the business can grow. This enterprise aims to be commercial as well as empowering the local women of the Arcturus community through training on mushroom production. Arcturus is also located in close proximity to the capital city where there are many markets that can be supplied with mushrooms.

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