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Lojaien Shbool


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I have a passion for helping people achieve good and stable mental health. I have taken many courses on how to deal with someone with social anxiety and panic attacks and I look forward to more knowledge about the right ways to help people overcome their traumas through my communication and listening skills.

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I’m looking for networking and funding opportunities as Take Heart platform will need workers in the field of mental health and technology, in addition to mentors who will work online through live chats.

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I’m Lojaien Shbool, a junior in Jubilee Institute, Born in 6th-September-2004.
The last year my life just turned upside down my parents got divorced, I’m perfectly fine now but I went through many circumstances and situations that made me rethink life, as I have an affectionate, understanding and supportive mom, she helped me very much at that stage, and without her, I don’t think I would have responded to the surrounding circumstances properly as I started questioning myself about those who had gone through my own experience, even worse than it, and who did not have sufficiently understanding or supportive parents, what they felt and what was the effect of that on their lives. . However, I realized that life is so valuable to be wasted. So I decided to do my best to help those who do not have anyone to hear or help, and to develop my communication and listening skills as much as possible to be able to help them overcome their traumas in a proper and safe way.

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