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My name is Syed Muhammad Ali Azher, I am 27 years old. I am from Karachi – Pakistan, after completing my bachelor’s in computer engineering from Sir Syed University of Science and Technology, I developed an interest in various research subjects and as of now, I am doing master’s in research in computer & systems engineering from Technical University of Ilmenau. During my first year in Germany, after some time, I felt the change and that change was inevitable. I volunteered two times one for the Kinder-Uni as a supervisor where I learned how to organize and supervise kids from different schools. How to ensure learning with fun. After a few months I volunteered again for the International Student Week in Ilmenau – (ISWI 2017), I was the Group Leader of the “lessons from the past” team during that period I met many new people from all over the world which results in personal growth and a better understanding that leads to change the future, it is about giving meaning to something. I am also We4you activity tutor, we organize introductory events, with international students introducing field trips, study tours and sports events. And if you ask about work-life today, it requires a completed personality, you are actually supposed to behave a different way at work then you are at home, that constant pressure trying to be somebody else that is not even a human being but a machine. As they say, boxes are for dead people. That is why I choose to volunteer because I want to be a flock because I don’t really have to know exactly where I am going if I can be really confident about that it’s going to be great. It’s easy for anyone who tries.