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Smart designated driver service provides a unique and responsible service to its operation area and surrounding areas. We will offer safe and proven designated driver services to individuals and corporate organizations; hotels, bars, clubs, medical institutions, and also groups attending any function including: corporate events, concerts, sporting events, parties and birthdays. Smart designated drivers provides a driver who will deliver you safely to your destination and will return you and your vehicle home at the conclusion of your event. In any case of feeling too drunk or too tired to drive; sick or pregnant: we have drivers that responds to your call anywhere in the city to pick you up and drop you off in your destination. Smart designated driver service also has a car hire service that can pick or drop you or your kids off at a specific location at friendly charges.

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Smart Laboratory

The idea involves establishing a commercial laboratory with research capabilities, where students and researchers can choose between having their samples analyzed by our staff or to do it themselves. This idea is clearly about supporting the Nigerian education system. As a recent graduate and academic, I have witnessed the overcrowded university laboratories and the shortage of instruments and apparatuses. This may delay the research work of the student or totally alter the experimentation and its results all together. We hope to setup within the university proximity to aid easy access to the students and researchers. Our objectives include: -Creating an avenue where students or clients can bring in samples to be analyzed by the laboratory and results are presented to them. Or they can choose to do it themselves and only pay for use of the equipment. -To create a permanent solution to shortage of space or equipments for students in the surrounding university to work with to achieve expected results for their research -Emphasis would still be laid out for educating undergraduate researchers in the use of quality instrumentations that may not be available in their school laboratories but that they need to be acquainted with as laboratory students. -In addition to our experienced staff, we hope to employ final year students or young researchers as part-time to enhance their research capabilities. This idea is innovative because it doesnt just leave you with the option of sitting down and having your samples analyzed, it is a learning laboratory where the client can suit up and be participative, but with our expert guidance.

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