Comment on: Chicken 4All Ltd
July 29, 2020 14:38


It is very important to contribute for the success of 17 sustainable development goals .

In Burundi, the population lives principally on the primary sector(agriculture and livestock). The secondary and tertiary sectors are no much develped. Today more than 95% of burundian peoples depend on agriculture and farming! They do it in a traditional way because of the lack on knowledge and ignorance!

So Chicken 4All Ltd is an adequte alternative solution. In its ambitions Chicken 4All Ltd will develop the three sectors at the same time trough the value chain. The citizens will embrace the modern way of living. There will be job creation, which is an innovation that improves the people's life standards. Meat and eggs contain many essential nutrients that every human body needs.

Thanks to Chicken 4All Ltd, they will now be available for the less-privileged. I already see that project will grow and prosper because the local population has been integrated, but also because of the mechanisms of follow up and monitoring that the project has incorporated.

I would advise however to initiate methods that provide a physical barrier to rain water because water is the cause number one of the soil degradation, and plant fruit and agroforestry trees. As everyone knows trees contribute much in the climate change regulation. They absorb the carbon dioxide, which is a major greenhouse gas produced during the photosyntesis.