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As a high schooler, I’ve always been passionate about Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Constantly striving to help society in whichever way I can. To execute this I have started 3 projects of my own. The first one being a website (vyohyd.com) which promotes youth innovation and awareness about the importance of a variety of our worlds social problems. The website connects students to NGO’s and provides them with volunteering opportunities, helping students take their idea forward and help society in whichever way they can.
Furthermore, in the year of 2017, my group and I participated in a worldwide entrepreneurship program and won second place internationally. We are now in the process of patenting our product to take it forward.
A couple of months ago I started an organization called each reach teach (ERT) that aims to teach low-income kids in my society about basic human rights. Through this program, I have gathered a group of high schoolers to teach these kids.
If you were to find me at any given time, you would most likely find me researching about social problems, dancing or endorsing my self in a book. One of my favorite authors includes Khaled Hosseini.