June 14, 2017 01:35

Caros Marcelo Barros ,
Boa noite !

Seu ponto de vista é muito importante devemos lutar para enfrentar tudo o que dificulta o avanço de Saúde no Congo .Junto podemos fazer alguma coisa .
Obrigado por torcer para nós.

June 14, 2017 01:31

Thank you dear Adam KIng for your feedback ,
we will begin to the Gungu village because it one of the most needy and poorest .However Malaria is one of the public health problem in DR. Congo and most of countries in Africa.We have improved this project by establishing the center of Controle and prevention of Malaria .This center will be importante to extend our activities in others villages with objectives to do the Congo free Malaria country.

June 12, 2017 18:06

Thank you Dear Helena Matos ,
Im happy to read this , we are doing our best to emprove the life and to bring a well being to the population in precarious situation . As you know , in DR.Congo to acess to healthcare is private , you need to have money to tackle this .But most of population live under the poverty line in Urban area. And can you imagine how is the life in rural area ?Very worst situation and the consequence is very bad .SOLIDARIEDADE NA MOKILI is trying to tackle this challenge. With your support we thing we will reach our Goals.
Thank you again for your support

June 12, 2017 15:16

Thank you Dear Hnery Mova for your kind word .May God bless you too . I m so happy to hear that you re praying for me .Thank you again for this support .Together we can make the world the better place where a human race will live with dignity .

Sincerely yours .

June 12, 2017 01:19

Hey Dear Charles ,
your idea is really interesting and awesome ; I thing as you said that is really a challenge in developing countries. I m student in Medicine studies and i know how your project is very importante and usefull .Wish you to get the support that you are seeking to implement your idea and champions one of the 17 sustainable development Goals of UNESCO .Congratulations for your idea.

1.Than for i will like to know how you will operate if you didnt get the loan from bank or if you failed to the grant application for NGO'S to tackle this challenge in developping countries.
2. In which Country you want to set up first your idea ?
3. Who will be first the main beneficiaries?
4. You aims to tackle this challenge in rural Area too , than i will like to know if in your busness planning you re considered the cities without google maps .How your idea will be possibe with these population ?
I look forward to hear from you

June 11, 2017 01:27

Thanks for getting back to me Preeti and thank you for answer .I wish you all the success with your project to Engagement of women in the program.Anything else don't hasitate to get touch to me .I can share my litle experience with you about the Women Empowerment.

Sincerely yours .

June 11, 2017 01:20

Good Project Mr. Kemal , i thing to will be an opportunity of many young people .
Congratulations for this iniciative .
Did you signed the Partnership with the local governement for fundiing ?
I look forward to hear from you !

June 9, 2017 22:38

Hey Andressa , yes me too i saw this in UFMG webpage , i thanks the FEDERAL UNIERSITY OF MINAS GERAIS for this support to disclose what SOLIDARIEDADE NA MOKILI is doing in DR .Congo and thank you for your kind words.
We are togehther hand by hand to bring a well being for children who are dying every year in my Country.

Best regards.

June 9, 2017 20:30

Hey Mr. Kemal . thanks for your kind words ,
SOLIDARIEDAE NA MOKILI is a leading non-governmental organization (NGO) committed to addressing Human development and policy issues by working with vulnerable people to build sustainable, healthy and productive communities. in the following areas: - Emergencies and disasters; - Supply of water and food; - Sexual, reproductive and child health; - Environmental sanitation; - Health Ethics; -Fight against VIH/AIDS - Support for orphans,street children and abandoned child - Human rights; -Training, Studies and Research. - Development sustainable(Agriculture ,Clean water ,Energy renewable ) The financial SOURCE come from: -Membership fees; - Grants from Partners - Income generate Activities authorized by Congolese than international law

June 8, 2017 22:25

Thanks for getting banck to me Mr. Jalil,
I will waiting for your feedback , you can get touch with me and i will be very happy to assist you in my Country
Anything else please don't hasitate to get touch with me
this is my contact :
[email protected]
[email protected]

Best regard