June 8, 2017 20:14

Hi Mr. Adam , Congratulations for your work to support vulnerable people . I look like to know How did you identify the needs of the beneficiaries? What are the criteria for the selection of the beneficiaries?

I look forward to hear from you .
Best regards !

June 8, 2017 20:11

Hello Dear Preeti ,
Thank you for your project to engaging women from deprived and rural communities in your country . I always enjoed project whch target the vulnerable women .Than i will like to know the indicators that will measure the success of your project? What are your means of verification sources to measure the success of your proposed project ?

I look forward to hear from you .

Best regards !

June 8, 2017 20:04

My greetings Mr . Okullo ,
Your project is very important and congratulations to Promote intercultural through Music, Dance and Drama.
I will like to know what is the overall goal (to which the project aims to contribute)?How many person will make profit of your project ?

June 8, 2017 19:35

Thank you Dear Preeti for your question ,
I will repeat what i answered to Mr. Adam
With our workplan, our project aims to achieve its objectives through the use of community mobilization strategies that ensure active and sustained community participation in project implementation. This entails sensitization meetings with community stakeholders (village elders, community leaders, and women groups, youth groups and children themselves) to enlist their support. Community sensitization meetings will be conducted in all target communities to seek community support and ownership of project.

In collaboration with community stakeholders, community-based environmental sanitation monitoring committees (comprised of all community stakeholders) will be established in each of the twelves target villages. The environmental monitoring committees will serve as a village task-force for supervision of community responsibilities related to organising, implementation and monitoring of environmental sanitation activities in their various communities. The community taskforce units will also serve as focal points for distribution of the insecticide treated bednets to families with under-five children in their various villages.

June 8, 2017 03:27

Thank you very much Mr. Ayomide ,

God bless you too . Hope to work in partnership with you to continue to help African Comunity usefull to eradicate the malaria episode .
Anything else , don't hasitate to get touch with me .

Best regards.

Comment on: NovFeed
June 7, 2017 22:19

Hey Mr.Otaiga!

Your idea is very nice and interesting idea , i enjoyed your video too

Hope you will be one of the champion in this competition .
Congratulationsto set up this idea in Africa.

Comment on: Grainothèque
June 7, 2017 16:29

Bonjour Monsieur Daniel ,
Vraiment votre iniciative est bon , je vous encourage de mettre en place ce projet qui va aider beaucoup des gens .Entretemps je voulais savoir les strageries mise en place pour sauvegarder odiversité végétale africaine menacé de disparition.
Comment vous allez améliorer les capacité de production des petits producteurs ?
Dans l'attente de vous lire .

Comment on: Virtual farm
June 7, 2017 16:23

My greetings , Dear Ubio !

I will like to know how do you arrive to pretend to reduction of cost of food crops in local market by over 40% ?
What is the time schedule of the project ? Do you plan to collaborate with other organizations in carrying out the project?
I look forward to hear from you .

June 7, 2017 16:11

Hey Mr. Jalil,
Ceetainly peace is all what we need . I realize that with your Organization you are doing a great job .Congratulations .
Than i will like to how was the result after SRESCO recently organized an "Education Promoter" program for the children in need? What was the feedback to this population target ?

June 7, 2017 16:02

Dear Kevin ,
Hello !
I try to read your project and i realize that it very important .You want to help children and adults with visual sensory deficiencies.Can you explain me how you evaluate the technological component of your project ?
I look forward to hear from you !
Best regards .