August 28, 2017 01:31

Hello Dear Uledi ,
Your idea is really interesting for the communities mainly in Africa where most of people are suffering from Malnutrition ; I m supporting you and wish you the best of luck .
Zero hunger is possible and may God bless you .you will reach your goals very soon . You deserve to win .

Sincerely yours !

Louison Mbombo
Malaria Care International Center .

August 25, 2017 19:54

Hello Dear Marvis ,
your work is só awesome " We turn this into this ".What a wonderfull idea ! Using recycled materials to transform that in furniture piece is create a sustainable world .
Best of luck
Louison Mbombo .

August 25, 2017 19:45

Anita Mbah :
Hello Champion!

Did you miss Today's (Friday) Inspiration from YCEC? Here it is; "Change your thoughts and you change the World" - Norman Vincent Peale.

Your project is valid, so are your thoughts. Keeping improving and progressing.

Best of Luck!

Me : Hello Dear Anita ,
haha Hope to be really one of the winners .It is my dream and i will be very happy about it .
Thank you for your kind words .
Wish you the best of luck .

Warmest regards with kind love .
Louison Mbombo .

August 25, 2017 19:41

Seth Thomas Anohwonom :
Dear Louison,

The TRUTH is, your community will not just benefit from such an amazing initiative of yours but that you will forever be remembered for this great change and transformation you'll cause.

Keep up the spirit because it's adorable.
Your kind is scarce, so hard to find around, you're indeed a great leader!
Wish you all the best world changer.

Kindest regards
Thomas Seth

Me: Hello Dear Seth , thank you for your kind words to my project ,let me tell you that if it depend only to me ,i will give the Entrepreneurship Campus Prize to you , I can find in you habilities and full mindset as a genuine Entrepreneur .Good luck to you .
This project will really implement many sustainable development Goals and will tackle the access to health care in Africa and latin America .

Sincerely yours !
Louison Mbombo

August 25, 2017 19:36

Team GreenSpace :
After going through your project, I firmly believe that with good management and excellent execution, this project will help the society grow in a sustainable manner. This would have various positive effects on the environment and also the society in general.

I wish you the best for the same.

I would really appreciate if you could go through my idea as well(follow this link Our idea deals with covering an otherwise unused rooftop of a building with green plants and using that space for a multitude of activities.

Thank you
Team GreenSpace

Me: Dear Team GreenSpace ,
Thank you very for your appreciation to my project .
Best regards !

Louison Mbombo

August 25, 2017 19:34

Kemal Abdela August :
I am very happy to know a visionary young person like you. Your project is very important and save the many lives.
i hope you will work harder towards its full implementation.

Wish all the best, and meet you at O-YES International conference.

Me : Hello Dear Kemal ,
Thank you very much for your appreciation to my project , we will make a major effort by caring and preventing Malaria that is essencial for the achievement of many sustainable development Goals.
It will be a pleasure to meet you in O-YES International Conference .

Best regards !

August 25, 2017 19:30

Anita Mbah :
An Awesome Day to You, Dear Campus Colleague,

Cheeking through your Project and seeing it progress in this competition leaves me motivated and inspired that with us, our planet will become better and flourish in goodness and development desired by every human being with dreams and aspirations. To keep you moving and staying on in face of challenges as growing Entrepreneurs, it is my pleasure to share this link with you, "7 MOVIES Every Entrepreneur Should Watch", copy and paste this link to view;

All the best to you in you Idea!

Anita Mbah.

Me : Hello Anita ,
Thank you for your effort and your entrepreneurship spirit .I have seen this video too . It is awesome .

Best regards !

Louison Mbombo

August 25, 2017 19:27

Hi Louison
Your invention is very much appreciable. People like you are a blessing to the modern world because you are utilizing your skill to help the common people. Keep this spirit throughout your life. The will to do varitiies in life opens up the door of opportunities. So keep this positive attitude always and May God Bless You.
I wish you all the success for this competition and also please vote and comment on my project AUTOMATIC COCOA BEAN SEPARATING MACHINE.

Me:Hello Dear AJITH ,
I m happy to read your comment and all your kind words .God bless you too and wish you the success as an Entrepreneur.
Best regards !
Louison Mbombo

August 25, 2017 19:23

Anita Mbah :
Hello Louison.

We are few steps to the announcement day. I want to use this medium to appreciate your effort, progress so far and support to my idea. Never relent, keep pushing and I wish you success, all the way.

Best of Luck!

Me : Hello Anita ,
thank you very much my dear , i wish you only the best .
Good luck .
Warmest regards with kind love .

Louison Mbombo

August 25, 2017 19:19

Uledi Kimbavala :
Dear L.Mbombo
You have a very life saving project which has to be Supported. Then am asking how are you handle cultural and traditional challenges against the use of mosquito nets,in some African Community is not luck of mosquito nets but they are misusing them or Get afraid of the long acting chemical for some nets how will you handle this challenge. Congulatulation for this life saving project.

Me: Dear Uledi ,
This is challenge to tackle also mainly for people in rural area .It why we will train health assistance to explain for the communities about the importance of Mosquito treat bed nets .I thing they will understand .
The knowledge is guide of all action .We will bring knowledge to this population usefull to save their lifes.
Thank you very much for your appreciation to my project .

Sincerely yours !

Louison Mbombo