June 18, 2017 16:02

Thank you Dr. Henry Pembele , in the light of the words of General Director we are doing our best to prevent and reduce the mortality rate of Malaria in CONGO .
Im só happy with comment .

Best regards !

June 17, 2017 21:40

Thank you Dear Ananda for your kind words , I m very happy to read this .As student in Medicine studieswe can do many things and change the world , i m making profit of all that i m learning in the University to pratice this in my community the most neddy and poorest .Our Organization have a mission to improve the qualit of life in the population in precarious situation .We are working a lot to reach our goals.

June 17, 2017 21:34

Thank you very much Dear Uledi for your kinds words , I m very happy that you know that the Malaria is a serious problem of public health , we need to support this project to tackle the challenge cause by this disease.Many children are dying in Africa for mosquito bite .
Thank you again
Best regards.

June 17, 2017 21:27

Merci beaucoup Junior Mangoba pour votre commentaire , soutenons ce projet enfin que nous puissions reussir a prevenir la mortalité infantile et reduire les episodes de malaria en Republique Democratique du Congo .C'est un vraiment de la santé publique qui implique la participation de tous .
Ensemble nous pour combattre la Malaria , C'est possible .

June 17, 2017 01:05

Muito Obrigado Marcelo Barros pelo seu ponto de vista . Precisamos tirar esse projeto no plano virtual para alcançar a população que realmente interessa .Nos estamos lutando para criar um mundo mai saúdavel onde todo mundo merece viver com dignidade .
Obrigado pelo Apoio .

June 17, 2017 01:02

Merci beaucoup Anouchka pour votre commentaire , vrament nous sommes entrain de lutter pour sauver des vies en République Democratique du Congo .Ensemble nous allons faire du Congo un pays saine , prospere et sans pauvreté.
Merci beaucoup vraiment .

June 15, 2017 04:10

Hello Mr Kevin ,
Thanks for great idea To get touch with World health Organization .
It one of our objectives in this compétition To find a partners usefull to realize our project .

June 14, 2017 17:48

Muito Obrigado Junior Mangoba pelo retorno positivo ,
Precisamos ajudar o próximo para criar um mundo mais saúdavel e pacífico .Saber que tem pessoas como ove torcendo pelo nosso sucesso .Nos ficamos muito felizes em ler seu comentário.
Grande Abraço !

June 14, 2017 17:41

Hey Dear Kevin ,
Thank you very much for your feedback and your interrest to read our project and ask questions .
Our Organization works to improve the quality of life of the people in Democratic Republic of Congo by investing to vulnerable people to build sustainable, healthy and productive communities. This project is one of many project that the Organization has developped since its creation , we are trying to do our best by preventing the malaria death with our litle ressource .This competition is an opportunity for us to extend our Work because we don't have a sufiicient financial support to invest to the target population .This project aims to help more than 200, 000 thousand children and to establish a centrer of control and prevention of Malaria .We need financial support and partenrs usefull to realize our goals.
Others Organization work in the urban area , we are the only organization whom work most to rural area and vulnerable people , most needy and poorest. This is the talent of our Organization

June 14, 2017 02:57

Caro Marcelo Barros ,
Boa noite !

Seu ponto de vista é muito importante devemos lutar para enfrentar tudo o que dificulta o avanço de Saúde no Congo .Junto podemos fazer alguma coisa .
Obrigado por torcer para nós.