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I am someone who always believes that progress has little to do with speed, much to do with direction.
Having studied a variety of subjects like International Business, Finance, Brand Communication, Digital Marketing, I am currently an MBA student and entrepreneur planning to grow my ventures in my home country, India.
I have travelled up to 8 countries, met numerous people with diverse set of ideologies. I believe that even though we are working tirelessly to serve the MNCs of the world, it is significant to give back to the society.
With my keen attention to detail and after observing people from different parts of the world, I can surely validate that 1 in every 4 people suffers from a mental health issue.
I personally have severe anxiety and have been through some very dark phases in my life that mental health became a chapter very close to my heart. There were nights where I just felt empty, out of place, suicidal thoughts crept upon me but with the right kind of support system and treatment, I managed to get out of it. It dawned upon me to create awareness to how this could be resolved so that noone else could go through the kind of darkness I went through.
During a leadership programme in Singapore, a Member of Parliament– Ms Rahayu Mazham, approved the mental health awareness idea of our team and asked us to take it forward.
Thus began “Apathy to Emapthy”, a socially empowering startup in Singapore which has now been carried forward to India.
The struggle to kickstart this project was real as no one would actually open up about their mental health due to the attached stigma. This was our biggest challenge and the idea is NOT how to cure the illness, but to make people understand that a mental illness is like any other illness which requires treatment and thorough support from family & friends.
Even though we faced a lot of criticism from people, we are glad to say that there is a positive increase in the number of people who cease to consider this as a stigma and are opening up about their issues.
We continue to spread this message to the entire world and let people know that there is hope.

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