Comment on: Weview
August 7, 2019 19:50

I think your idea is a goldmine waiting to happen,and am glad you did not sit on it.Make sure you work software experts that will better help you to create it in the best way possible

August 7, 2019 19:41

I believe an approach much like this one should extend to countries like here Zambia so that our heritage which is our origin ,will be kept intact and ever green for us and our future.Great plan!!!!

Comment on: SELSDAM
August 3, 2019 15:51

I have gone through the main idea you are pitching.It is very interesting and I see how it perfectly aligns with my own.I would like to compliment especially how you encouraged all religions to be taught ,so as to benefit from each.I am a product of such an arrangement and it has worked well.As the Hindu say,each religion knows a part of a truth that the other needs to learn.This is evidential in their Six blind men story

Thank you

Comment on: SMART CITY
July 31, 2019 08:23

I see how you have blended together,the information age and current ongoings of civic nature.That much I like.Perhaps you may consider doing an attachment with your nearest city Council, to make it more user friendly.