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Mr. Ssebatta Paul is a Uganda aged 32 years. A Dual Professional, in Building and Civil Engineering and Agriculture. Hardworking, courageous, ambitious and highly enthusiastic individual. Consequently in 2010, I started to work on my passion career in Building and civil Engineering and gave birth to Consultancy Company by names Mak Consults.
I am passionate about transformational leadership and economic development; I commit to help creating 1000’s of jobs for the young people in Africa by 2030. I personally believe in lifting up the voices of the young people for their contribution to social- economic development as partners.
The above has now influenced my advanced engagements in entrepreneurship, Innovation and creativity in my home country Uganda ensuring equitable resource mobilization and utilization for equitable and sustainable development. Thus impacting the lives of the young people in community, country and the African continent; this brings my interest in engaging into agribusiness because of the fact that it has a great potential in transforming and improving peoples livelihoods and more so a potentially profitable career that can readily offer employment in the pearl of Africa that is agricultural based and the continent at large.

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Ssebatta Paul