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Stergios Melissas


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Agriculture, Food Technology

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I am student (B.Sc.) of the School of Agriculture in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece with speciality in Food Science and Technology.

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"Aste-Gi"- A Collective and Productive Social Cooperative Enterprise (SCE)

Over the last decade, it is observed a continuous increase in the number of homeless people, especially in the city of Thessaloniki, who having nowhere else to go, trying to find a temporary shelter. This phenomenon is exacerbated recently because of the difficult economic situation in Greece. "Aste-Gi" (which means homeless people in Greek language) is a Collective and Productive Social Cooperative Enterprise (SCE) founded by three students of the School of Agriculture in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 2014. It aims at a social rehabilitation of people who belong into the vulnerable group of homeless, long-term unemployed and students facing serious financial problems. The mission of SCE "Aste-Gi" is to assist its beneficiaries, who are homeless, to restart their lives. The main concern is to employ members of these vulnerable social groups in "Aste-Gi" and help their reintegration into economic and social life. The "Aste-Gi" will be placed in an abandoned building, property of Hellenic Red Cross, in the historic Centre of Thessaloniki, which will be renovated by achieving the engagement of local public authorities and research (e.g. AUTH, Municipality of Thessaloniki) as well as volunteers participation. Its operating revenues will be generated from a special configuration for space as hostel for students who pay for accommodation. In the building, there is a polymorphic place which will be used as an event hall and a conference room. Also, other central business elements of the company will be a restaurant in which the tenants of SCE could be employed as employees. A local retail store of traditional local products, as it is highly mobilized on this vulnerable group of people, is designed to operate inside the restaurant. Furthermore, a psychologist, a social worker and a doctor will be working in the enterprise for the smooth reintegration of the homeless.

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