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Project Planning, Management, M&E, Research, Communication and interpersonal, flexibility and human rights

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Stephano Msuya has over six (6) years of experience in working with smallholder farmers’ groups in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania. Currently, Stephano is pursuing a Masters’ Degree in Monitoring and Evaluation at the Open University of Tanzania and he is also a Project Field Officer for the National Network of smallholder farmers’ groups in Tanzania (MVIWATA in Kilimanjaro region), where he focuses on designing and implementing economic empowerment activities for the region. Stephano holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Project Planning, Management and Community Development from the University of Dodoma where he focused on Project planning and community economic development within the agricultural sector. Stephano is driven by his commitment to youth groups to engage in the agricultural sector to ensure global food security and reduced the youth unemployment rate. After completion of the leadership program at YALI Regional Leadership Center East Africa, Stephano continued his work in the agriculture sector with a focus on advocating youth groups to engage in agribusiness and value addition practices from informal sectors like motorcycle ridding which is a very risky job, where he managed to register 42 youth groups by January, 2020

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Stephano Msuya