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Veterinary ( Disease diagnosis, nutritional analyst)

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Finance and opportunity to left the job

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M.S. (with thesis) in Veterinary Physiology, Grade B- in Bangladesh Agricultural University.
DVM Graduate in 2nd class in Bangladesh Agricultural University.
H.S.C in Science in the 1st division, Dhaka Board.
S.S.C in Science in the 1st division*, Dhaka Board.
Research & Study:
M.S. Research: The title of the research “Relationship between multivitamin and antibody level against newcastle disease (ND) vaccine in poultry” Under Professor Md. Momtazur Rahman in Bangladesh Agricultural University.

Training Received
• Hand on training on Real time PCR. BCSIR.
• Hands on training on laboratory practice (Nutritional analysis, HPLC, ELISA), CVASU.
• Basic and advance security in the field- United Nations
• Online course on Disaster Preparedness & Management from UNDSS.
•Training on Food testing in mobile laboratories in FAO of UN.
Total more than 15 years professional working experiences including International and National Organization, FAO of United nations in different sector development programs like Food safety laboratory Avian influenza surveillance program, Establishment of Livestock Health Care System, Livestock development, development of curriculum, module and materials following practical and beneficiary affable, Social mobilization, Livelihoods development.

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