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Environment is my field of expertise. Awrded as environmentalist of the year award in my school. I am a very good Orator too. I love heritage and was awarded a title of heritage ambasodor in my city.

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Sustainable living is my approach. I want to make people aware of conserving the environment in any possible way.

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Im a highschool student of MAHARAJA SAWAI MAN SINGH SCHOOL Jaipur India. Im involved in conservation projects since 3 yrs in my school as well as community . I did E-waste collection drive, old books collection drive and also waste pic up drive in my city and school. Ihave been awarded as “THE ENVIRONMENTALIST OF THE YEAR”, for my activities. Im also running a social cause group by the nme of R4 which means, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Restore.

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Sudiksha Kaushik


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