Comment on: Hyina Express
September 16, 2018 12:59

Wow, I want this delivery drones in my city.
I have some questions,
1. How to manage risk of drone Theft?(ex. someone shooting your drone or stolen your drone)
2. I have been play with drone, it can fly about 10 min. So, how you will handle limited energy of Drone if it long distance?

Comment on: CLEVERHOME
September 16, 2018 12:45

Great project, and I have some questions,
1.How much to implement this at my home? Is it expensive?
2.Do you have analyser robot(AI or basic auto settings) to monitor and automatically adjust energy consuming of each electronic device to save energy?
3.In near future, you will have english language for the mobile app?

Comment on: Water Watt
September 16, 2018 12:22

Great idea. I have some question, need we have battery to store the energy?
Because when we using water via pipe, it will not always open, we close/open the pipe when using water that may not enough energy to consume yet.
And another question can we use smaller pipe?