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Our venture aims at improving the income of the low land holding farmers and their quality of farming in India. Today these farmers are facing many problems in obtaining credit for their agriculture equipment , seeds, pesticides, storage and transportation facilities. Our idea comes up with a solution for these problems. Our venture makes the farmers, part of the company, with their land as collateral for the cropping season. We lease out the necessities of farmers like equipment, seeds, pesticides etc, according to their requirements. The experts of the venture guide the farmers regarding the crop to be grown and traditional, profitable methods of farming. They also decide the exact workforce required for farming for productive result. The other workers in the same sector will be working for other activities like transportation , maintenance of storage houses that are collaborated with the venture. The final crop is sold when the market price is high and the company takes its share of profit which is the revenue for the company. Thus it helps in improving the income of the farmers and obtains profits for the venture as well.

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