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As someone who grew up in Canada, Sri Lanka and Japan due to my mother’s career in the diplomatic service, I have always had a global mindset.

I am familiar with a multitude of cultures and social groups, and the factors involved in addressing rapid changes, which arise from globalization in the 21st century.

In addition to this, my career has allowed me to gain valuable experience and insights into

• working with individuals of different backgrounds & cultures
• setting up and managing the operational, tactical, and strategic aspects of an offshore software & hardware development company
• handling clients and project remotely

since graduating with an International Baccalaureate Diploma in 2010.

Furthermore, having completed the MBA program at the University of Wolverhampton in July 2020, I have been able to reinforce the above with extensive theoretical knowledge in offshore software & hardware development start-ups, along with key areas such as
• strategic management
• operations
• sustainability
• marketing
• human resources
• finance
• project management
Considering the rapid changes in the global economic, technological, and natural environment, I wish to utilize the experience and knowledge gained so far for the greater good and sustainably manage IT operations within businesses by
• enhancing core operations
• effective technologies,
• scientific, rational and ethical thought,
• kindness towards people
in a collaborative manner that allows team members, clients, management, and the greater community to grow together as one in harmony with nature.

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Achala Amarasinghe


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