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I’m Taeef Najib, the founding CEO of Ghoorni, a secure online marketplace for university students of Bangladesh. I’m one of the GIST Tech-I 2018 finalists. My idea has been supported by GIST (Global Innovation Through Science & Technology), AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science), U.S. Department of State and more. Currently, we’re in the process of building our MVP that we aim to officially launch by July, 2018. Before getting involved with Ghoorni, I was working in diversified sectors. I started my career as a Digital Marketer at a renowned digital marketing agency of Bangladesh. I worked as a freelance graphic designer. Later on, I was appointed at 9Lenses Inc. as a Graphic
Designer. Finally, I joined a tech startup in Bangladesh as an Assistant Manager (Business Development.) My experience in different industries has helped me become an entrepreneur. I believe that my idea will make a difference in the lives of others in Bangladesh and abroad.

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Taeef Najib