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Tafadzwa Chiganga


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Economically Educate to Economically Empower

The idea is to set up a consulting firm that will offer financial and business development advisory services to micro, small to medium enterprises in Zimbabwe. Most developing countries have a dependency on foreign direct investment for them to be able to utilise the resources that they already have. When this foreign direct investments are not forthcoming as is the current situation in Zimbabwe, the masses suffer. I have noticed though, that, amongst the masses, there are entrepreneurs who have brilliant ideas but have neither the business acumen nor the financial means to turn their ideas into reality. The consulting company, a non profit making entity, will aim to fill in this gap. It will provide business training and planning, implementing and monitoring services amongst others to the micro small to medium enterprises. In addition, the company will also offer corporate finance and financial advisory services and will be responsible for raising capital to fund the entrepreneurs projects. The country is in a dire need to create employment. In the first 6 months of 2014, over 2,000 people have lost their jobs due to the economic challenges that large organisations are facing in their operations. The key is to start all over again, start small and let the firms grow.

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