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Dairy animal production; Beef Production; Small ruminants and Poultry Production.Rangeland Evaluation and Pasture management; Production Risk Management; Salinity and Dairy effluent Risk Management

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Mentorship in Business Development and Investors for my business idea.

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I am an Animal Science undergraduate (part 3) at the University of Zimbabwe. Exposure in dairy animal management through internships at two dairy farms in Zimbabwe helped to develop essential skills of farm management operations. As i was involved in pasture management and calibration of center pivot, mobile animal rearing system and dairy equipment handling, my understanding became much better. I was given an outstanding internship performance award by the RedDane Agrimix Solutions Company. Due to interests in international development and sustainability, i took Korean Language courses and i was awarded a Korean Language Certificate by the Keimyung Korean Center at the University of Zimbabwe on 20 April 2017 with the help of the Korean Embassy in Harare. I am currently taking Spanish classes to diversify my language base so that i set up myself at an international platform. On my weekends, i am working as an Animal Production Consultant at Longtex Meats (farm, abattoir and butchery) – a Chinese Company, giving all required production information. I was selected to attend the Global Entrepreneurship Boot-camp in Jakarta, Indonesia in July, 2018 where i will pitch my business idea which is to help small-holder livestock farmers in Zimbabwe with production and marketing solutions to address the issue of food insecurity.

During my spare time I enjoy relaxing and going out with family and friends. I also enjoy cooking and keeping up with current affairs. I am a member of agricultural D-groups like FARA and PAEPARD which give me opportunities to explore current ongoing agricultural activities towards poverty alleviation and climate change in the African Continent.