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I am a 34 year old Namibian citizen. I am a multi-tasking Senior Primary Teacher with a combined +/- 13 years of teaching experience in both the private and public sector.

I advocate for transformation in leadership and live by the principles of Good Governance, Civic Responsibilities, Human Rights, Equal Opportunities for All and, Youth Education and Empowerment.

I am in possession of a Basic Education Diploma with the Windhoek College of Education (Namibia). Recently, I completed an Advanced Diploma in Management with the Southern Business School (South Africa). Currently, I am pursuing a Bachelor in Business Administration with the same institution.

In addition, I have completed various online certification courses with the United Nations Training and Research Center (UNITAR), Young African Leadership Institute (YALI) Region 2 Public Health Training Center and United Nations Public Administration Network (UNPAN). These entire courses had one thing in common, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Through hard work and determination, I am engaged in the following roles as volunteer:

• Country Ambassador: OYA Opportunities
• Country Ambassador: International Student Festival in Trondheim 2019
• Country Correspondent: International Youths Human Rights Movement
• Country Ambassador: Students Against Corruption
• Young World leader: Humanity
• Member: Young Africa Leadership Initiative

Being a Sustainable Development Goals enthusiast especially goal 3 and 4, I have produced an innovative social venture (MEDI WHEELS DELIVERY SERVICES) that aims to enhance easy access and adherence to in all patients on chronic medication e.g. (HIV/AIDS including PMTCT, TB, Diabetes, and High Blood Pressure). This will be achieved by building a bridge between the public health facilities and local communities.

This will not only improve the health of our communities, complement Namibian national health agenda, Namibia’s vision 2030, and AU’s vision 2063, address unemployment but Sustainable Development Goal 3.

Once I have secured the necessary funding, the pilot will commence right away.

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Taljaard Uaputauka