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Greetings! My name is Tayta, I am 19 years old, and I am from Brazil. I am recently graduated from high school and in a gap year to acquire new experiences before entering my dream course: journalism. But my passion is more than words, is the one who speaks them. Throughout my high school, I held leadership positions as leader of the student council, newspaper school chief editor, and it was during these positions that I discovered the power that youth has in generating mobilization and impact on society. During the first year, I become the coordinator of the project Buscando a Utopia, a project designed to revolutionize youth, aiming to fulfill the UN’s Global Goals. And that is where I found my purpose with my community. In the second year, I was selected and received a scholarship to be part of the Latin American Leadership Academy, where I learned more about leadership, sustainability, and entrepreneurship. After that, I got involved with other projects, such as the Acadêmicos, which I wrote a free ebook teaching students how to create projects within the school environment. I am part of Girl Up, an initiative of the UN Foundation that supports girls to reach goal 5: Gender Equality. I am the leader of my state, in which we had aimed political achievements, such as having a law project made by us about combat menstrual poverty filed by a State Deputy and awaiting a vote to become law. This year I also was selected to be an ambassador for the World Literacy Foundation that explores objective 4: access to education, where I am learning more about how to search for solutions to resolve illiteracy. I am also passionate about music, which made me become a cellist in the orchestra of the Ondas Musicais project.

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Talyta França