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Indian handicrafts, Rural entrepreneurship

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Creating maximum rural and women oriented employment.

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I have graduated from Lady Shri Ram College, New Delhi earlier this year and am currently a postgraduate student at the University of Cambridge. I have also been involved in the social sector for over 5 years as an education (in the broadest sense of the term which includes creating awareness regarding hygiene, environmental conservation, etc and celebrating with them the traditional Indian festivals so as to give them a connection with our collective rich culture and its ethos of a global conscious living) volunteer to primary school children from marginalised backgrounds. All this time, I have been encouraging women, especially the mothers of the children I have been teaching, to take up dignified livelihoods which are coherent with their already accustomed skills. I believe that a mother is extremely likely to utilise her income for the nutrition and education of her children, thereby fostering a better future for all.
Talking specifically about my project Adar, it is in the implementation stage and will be launched in September 2020. In this context, I am grateful to the University of Stanford for their entrepreneurial guidance.

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Tamanna Dua


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