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Tamara is a Junior undergraduate student at Biola University, double majoring in Sociology and Communication Studies, and double minoring in Social Justice, Human Rights and Conflict Transformation and Biblical Studies. Her experiences has immersed her in diverse culture and worldview, thus she is passionate about seeking for justice all, regardless of their race, background, gender or religion. As an aspiring change maker, Her experiences cover being in the government, corporate world and nonprofits, including interning in the partnership division in Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa, the leading NGO in Indonesia, and has been in a lot of mission trips around the globe. She is currently the Vice President of PERMIAS Nasional, the Indonesian Student Association in the United States and leads her own non-profit focusing on empowering youth and building sustainable communities. In the future, Having been immersed in development projects since young, Tamara hopes to continue to travel across the globe, interacting with different sectors, to empower women and vulnerable communities.

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Tamara Gondo