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My name is Taofeek Afolabi, I am a male Nigerian aged 26 and a student of University of Lagos, Nigeria. I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Electrical/Electronics Engineering. A five year course and I am in my final year.
My working experience, 2010-2011, I learnt designing, production and marketing of inverter as an alternative electricity supply. Also during this period, I was running a mobile business center, I sold recharge card both in bulk and retail before I got admission into the university. In 2014, I was elected the Financial Secretary of University of Lagos Engineering Society (ULES). In 2015 (July-December), I did my internship at Delobs electric; a company that deals in installation of solar panels and inverter for homes. In March 2016, I founded my own company AHIX POWER SOLUTION, a company dedicated to providing alternative electricity supply for homes and offices using solar and inverter. My frequent visit to my mother who resides in a village in Ogun State part of Nigeria has exposed my eyes to problems faced by people in the rural areas in having basic domestic electricity requirements. This is propelling my desire on the need for providing scalable and affordable electricity for people who have no access to electricity using solar.
With great success, in East Africa, Solar PV system has not been really appreciated in western part of Africa, most especially in Nigeria; despite its need for sustainable electricity. This is the market I want to dive into replicating the same success as has been done in the eastern part of Africa.

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Taofeek Afolabi