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addressing poverty through establishment of job oriented courses in slum areas

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This idea itself is the solution for most of the problem around the world as we all know the situation around the world is pathetic people are dying out of hunger. For how many times you can give them money, they have health problems, shelter problem, education problem and so on… and to have their stomach full they will engage in crimes and later on will become terrorists…..you can not solve them all at once so here we need to be strategic why not as entrepreneurs teach them some job oriented courses and utilise their capacity for the positivity around the world we can use them for manufacturing work , for semi skill work. We all know that how much human resource matter for the company… by this they will get loyal , actively engaged,motivated,passionate employees. Not only that on the other hand you will get ready market for your product and services……as we all know that by this you can position your new start up in the heart of potential customers,and not your customer will retain but there will be snow balling effect, AS we better know the power of word of mouth…. and by this you need not to invest in marketing your products, services or company. In fact this idea itself can be called as a strategic marketing technique or societal marketing technique for the start up.We can say that this idea will benefit all the parties who will initiate this idea… this will create a win -win situation. Main objectives: To improve human condition around the world To provide employment opportunities to poor people by entrepreneurs To utilise the talent of slum areas and uplift them in the society

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THIS IS HOW MY IDEA IS CONTRIBUTING TOWARD ALL THESE HEADS AT THE INITIAL MY IDEA WOULD HELP IN THE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT OF A SLUM AREA IN ALIGARH A DISTRICT NEAR BY DELHI , CAPITAL OF INDIA – environment:THAT AREA WILL GET CLEAN,, AS WITH IN VERY LESS TIMES THERE WILL BE BATHROOMS AND EVERYESSENTIAL FACILITIES AS THEY WILL BE EARNING . – education :as they due to this job oriented course will get job and will also have money so they will understand the importance of education and will send their child to school.as they are motivated they will be having positive attitude toward education and will study with their mind and soul. – health: as they will be educated they will blv in prevention is better than cure and and can avail the facilities available in the society. – poverty reduction: definitely as this idea will contribute to employment generation and education so now these two will contribute to poverty reduction in the society. – peace building: less unemployment and eduction in the society will reduce crime and their behaviour would be modified in desired manner. – cultural diversity: all people working together irrespective caste,creed, region and race so will boost cultural diversity in the society. – sustainable energy: , awareness regarding best management of resources available that is reducing wastage of resources so preservation of resources. – food security:As we employing them so we are indirectly providing them food security. – sustainable trade:As this will contribute to equality, cleanenvironment ,poverty reduction – the elderly: spreading of humanity in the society. – empowerment of women and youth :This will at first generate employment opportunities for slum areas , by equipping them with job oriented courses we are empowering the women and youth to utilise their hidden potential for economic and social development of society.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

sir I have discussed everything. And my financing depend on the acceptance of idea, as once you will accept this my idea will be highlighted around the world and once it has been highlighted a large number of companies will be financing my ideas in the name of their CSR activities or say their contribution to the society various foundation will be funding like Bill and Melinda gate foundation, Nelson Mandela foundation , there are numbers of organisations who want to contribute for the welfare of societies, so there will be no problem for that all we need we need to implement this idea around the world. Regarding collaboration we can collaborate with big business tycoons,Foundations like Bill and Melinda gate foundation, Nelson Mandela foundation , international organisations and with government… SO ALL YOU NEED IS TO ACCEPT MY IDEA AND SEE THE CHANGE AROUND THE WORLD. SIR I REALLY WANT MY IDEA TO WIN THIS COMPETITION FOR THE VISION I HAVE FOR THE WELFARE OF THE SOCIETY , ALL I COULD THAT IS TO GIVE YOU GLIMPSE OF MY VISION THAT I HAVE GIVEN, I HOPE THAT YOU CAN FEEL MY VISION AND PASSION FOR THE WELFARE OF SOCIETY

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I am Assistant professor in Aligarh Muslim University, Centre Malappuram, Kerala . I am 24 years old so this confirms that I am eligible for competition sir my passion and commitment toward society is my motivation. Sir actually once I resided in a private hostel in Aligarh, nearby my hostel area there was a slum area and whenever I used to see their situation it used to shattered me all time. And sir I am not a kind of person who used to see things and sit idle rather I am a very positive person who understand the importance of individual effort and also understand that an idea with effort and support of all people can change the whole scenario of the world…. and I want people let know that if you initiate to bring the positive change in the society the world will join you in that so always be motivated for that…. may be it take time but be positive it will happen and sir I have dream and vision for the society and for this I want you to join my hand…. and sir I am very honest If I will get a chance to interact with the world I will give my whole energy and effort for the welfare of society… and sir I will never give up for the society and even I am ready to struggle hard for achieving my dreams and goals for the society…. AND I NEED PEACE AT MY HEART FOR THIS I NEED TO EXECUTE MY DREAM AND VISION THAT I HAVE FOR SOCIETY THIS ALL THAT I FAD TO SAY .

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conceptual stage, planning stage

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tarannum zulfequar