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Design Thinking, Research abroad, Philosophy, Education

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Tassilo Weber


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3i - intercultural innovation initiative

3i is a concept to revolutionize the business-oriented research for German NGOs and companies, which are acting transnationaly by applying the method of design thinking. As a team of 3, originated from 3 continents and with 3 different academic backgrounds, we provide the service of simulating the implementation of user-centered products, services, aid or other innovations in a foreign culture. With our partners assumption in mind, we travel to conduct survey, where they plan to implement their ideas, and we apply a whole design thinking process there: interviews with the stakeholders, ideas for solutions based on their needs, prototyping these ideas and testing them on the stakeholders in order to receive feedback. Our product is the outcome of this interactive and iterative research in terms of holding workshops for employees and managers and documentations of our findings for our partners as well as suggestions for improvements in business models based on intercultural insights. The critical function of our mission could be summarized in decreasing the risk of misinvestment as a results of cultural differences and gaps concerning the use of products or services. Based on our experience as professional design thinkers, we know that the real needs of a user cannot be anticipated by only doing interviews and generating statistics. Especially in foreign cultures, the culturally-related and therefore self-evident needs of the end-user remain mostly hidden until the moment of implementation (for example see the toilet story in our clip). With our service, our partners will be one step ahead and could save high amounts of money. In other words, we are offering consultancy for culturally based investment positioning.

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