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Tauheedul / Maruf


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Schizophrenia Identification & Research related work,Computer Programming C,C++,C#,PHP,NodeJs,Image Processing & Micro controller

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An environment for setting up my device,Test Subjects(Schizophrenic Patient's) ,Survey to gather relevant information's from people who have expertise with this kind of patients.

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I am from Bangladesh and I have done a thesis “SCHI-CLOVER (A Device to Enhance the Quality of Life for Schizophrenic patient” Link :
https://drive.google.com/open?id=16YGNhFz2JsqVieDgDJWvoBNdSWlT3A-h .My mother was schizophrenic & In our country Schizophrenia is a highly misjudged disease and this is the inspiration for this thesis work. She was a Schizophrenic patient for over 11 years. I observed my mothers actions,symptoms,signs,behavior and other activities which motivated me for making this device. I also came up with an underlying theory which will help to get better understanding of the patient and assess in which stage the patient is at. The device along with this assessment can be used to control actions & moods. I applied this Device and the theory on my mother and found some ground breaking results. Without any medicine schizophrenic patient can lead a better life.I have also done some surveys in multiple hospitals for data collection purposes. Moreover, this is my biggest passion for me and i want to make this theory proven so that it can be implemented to other patients.
During the development phase i faced so many difficulties in order to bring this device in a fully functional state because it needed almost $2480.00 for setting up a room and make the device for a single patient. At that time i was a student. My mother died at 2017 due to severe brain stroke and for her treatment we suffered a lot mentally. It was really hard for me to go through multiple patient those time. Currently I am working as a software developer in a company and now i want to see my dream to become reality and to contribute to the society with this research. This in my opinion will revolutionize how we treat Schizophrenic Patients and lead people in believing that Schizophrenia is not something to be scared of but ensure that this too can be successfully treated.