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Environmental Protection/ Education

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Dedicated, caring and responsible education professional deeply committed to supporting students excel academically. Patient, upbeat and creative in tailoring instruction to meet individual student needs and learning styles.
Rich project management support experience with the ability to take ownership and lead initiatives. Experienced in writing project, business proposals, managing and supporting large projects meeting community needs with proven track record of achieving excellence.

My breakthrough to affirm in any field and works of life comes from my diverse academic credentials in many different fields and experiences. I love to take challenges and make the most of it and I love to a positive change in the lives of many as a role model.

I am a holder of a B.Sc in Geography, a Diploma in Operations Management, a Diploma in Teaching skills for Educators, a TESOL Certificate, a Certificate in Child Friendly schools from UNICEF,a Certificate in International and Strategic Human Resource Management, a Certificate in Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL DPro), a Certificate in Climate change and Development, a Certificate in Language and Creativity, a Certificate in Project Planning, Management and Evaluation, a Certificate in Growth Mindset for Teachers and Learners, a Certificate in Motivating Students to Learn, a Certificate in Emerging Respiratory Diseases including COVID-19 from WHO, a Certificate in Children and Climate change from UNICEF amongst others.

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Teke Kingsley Mbakwa