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Temenuzhka Panayotova


Project Overview

Locus- Placing the talent of the world in the right place!

Locus is a computer run, three-dimensional simulation, which gives an interactive, realistic perception of particular professions. It will be separated into packages such as Business, Medical, Technical, Scientific, Exploration, etc. Each package will contain corresponding professions, which in turn are organized into levels. As a student progresses through the levels, tasks will become from abstract and stylized to realistic. Along the way, there will be videos and testimonials, describing all of the aspects of the profession, such as workload, lifestyle, profitability, and the types of people they interact with.Upon completing the levels for a given profession, the student will receive a skills assessment, as well as a list of universities which offer related degrees, and a list of the companies where the student might work one day.Locus aims at empowering students to place their talent in the right place. Our impact will extend not only to end-users of the educational simulation, but to parents as well.

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