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Finance: Amount of expenses for the first three years. It is specifically include Investment costs such as R&D websites and applications, offices, equipment and Operating expenses such as personnel, advertising and marketing, utilities, linking to payments Human resources: Officer in Sales Marketing Officer in technology Officer in Business Officer in Logistics Officer in Finance and Accounting Partners: Cooperatives society in localities producing ornamental plants to implement 4.0 rural strategy. Transportation partners to build the most optimal supply chain Affiliates payment partners on the platform Mentors: The consultants in the fields of technology, business and logistics

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Major: Business Administration
-The family has a tradition of more than 20 years in the business and production of ornamental plants. There are many relationships
– Head of Research and Development Department of Dynamic UEH Club, has more experience in cooperation and support for student startup projects in the Ho Chi Minh City area.
– Team Leader of the social media segment of the Pario Project – Vietnamese science toys.
– Selected and trained on social project creation through Vietnam Development School and Youth Leader Camp 2021.

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Nguyen Vo


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