July 11, 2020 07:50

The program targets the the people who were unnoticed for almost three centuries and thier occupation fails to be recognised amongst as an esteemed profession. It will make them realise what they can do to make an impact. Their children want to be an engineer or maybe a doctor but not a craftspeople beacuse it is not even looked upon as vocation and we stand here to make it a profession. Formally it targets the rural craftsmen and artisans. The measure to evaluate the success as a startup idea will be when it brings happiness in their life again, when they do not have to search for another occupation for their subsistence. In a nutshell , when the program will actually develop this occupation to a profession and people will be proud to say that they are an employee of this company; just like people employed for big MNCs do. This will lead to overall economic growth of the country along with providing employment opportunities and morale boost.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The program needs sound financing sources and capital investment although explicitly stating there are no formal plans for it right now. I am constantly looking for the people required since the idea stuck me up. I believe that will find the right person soon. Officially, I haven't decided as for selecting the collaborators ;as it just started as an idea but I am sure if it gains recognition; I might end up finding the collaborators. The business model includes purchasing the goods from the craftsman and the artisans of the rural India and marketing them through SEZs and other export houses in global market and the domestic market establishing proper chain stores.That's all for now.

Your profile

I am 17 years old high school student. I hail from very humble backgrounds and I aspire to excel in whatever I do. I was motivated by going through the India's economic development on the eve of independence. I want to support all the good things that come my way. Having achieved academic excellences I wanted to test their practicality and strive for development and economic growth.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage, planning stage