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Zahra Razahussein


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Accounting & Banking and Finance

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We need to have a prime location, which as a team we have already decided on. Also, the capital we will need to set up the business is going to be provided by the members for now and in the long run we are planning to have investors to fund us and we will use our retained earnings too.

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We as a team are really enthusiastic about our concept, thus we will give it our all to fulfil our objectives of producing a high profit and gratifying our consumers.
Because all of our members come from different backgrounds, we have a diversified group, which will benefit us because we will be able to look at things from many angles. Furthermore, we are all excellent performers, and several of us have even received prizes. Zahra, for example, has received an Academic Excellence Award in Business Studies.
Overall, this clearly indicates that we will do our absolute best to ensure that our company concept is a great success, and that no matter what, we will handle it, learn something, and come back stronger than before.

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