June 23, 2017 16:43

Joshua, that's right. With increased credits, people have more money, if people have more money and government stimulates investments, there is a path to development. With more investments and spending, there are more startups, and with them the demand changes, and with demand changes my idea, we adopt it so we can increase the quality of service.

June 23, 2017 15:52

Seth, thank you very much for your comment. I hope this idea really gets through, it would mean the world to me because I spent a lot of time working on it.

Thank you once again!

June 22, 2017 20:01

Hey there,

I would like to ask you how would that device work? Why would that idea actually work, and why would someone use it, and not some of the other convenient internet dictionary or even a book?

Best of luck!

June 22, 2017 19:54

Hey Gabriel, nice work here, I like it. I would also suggest to take your time and work on your business model because you need to work this idea through. Entrepreneurship is really hard and you need a really good plan and a lot of work to achieve your goal, but before you start working you need your plan to be good, so you know where you are going.

Best of luck!!

Comment on: COMPO GHANA
June 22, 2017 19:14

Hey..I really like your story and your idea. You are doing a great job. May I suggest one thing - partnerships. Explore that more, because that can have major impact at the cost-benefit. Also, to get people enrolled at your program you already have their need, you need their attention and awareness. You need to make them see how can you help them satisfy their need. Keep up the good work, best of luck!

Comment on: EDU-CELL
June 22, 2017 19:01

This idea is really good, I can see you gave it a lot of thought. You will need one damn good IT specialist to make this app great, because if the market doesn't accept it, your idea is not good enough. I like the story, I think you are onto something, so keep up the good work.

June 22, 2017 18:52

I like the spirit of the idea, but I see a few problems. First, I don't think that everyone is built for entrepreneurship, not everyone has what it takes. Second, those ideas of yours are already implemented in some schooling systems, maybe not completely, but are definitely going in that direction. Third, there are still math competitions, but business idea competitions and solving business competitions are also happening. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a hater, I'm just suggesting a little more innovation to be added in this concept. Best of luck!