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Tinotenda Dube


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Financial Economics and Econometrics

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In need of assistance, assistance of which could be in form of financial support, endorsements or recommendations. This kind of assistance helps ensure sustainability of the project.

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Tinotenda is the co-founder and current Finance Director of Solinfra Zimbabwe Private Limited (SZPL). He is responsible for administering the financial model, planning strategy as well as overseeing the overall financial performance of the company. Tinotenda served as the Graduate Teaching Assistant at University of Zimbabwe before attending the Collaborative Master’s Program (CMAP) for Economics students in Nairobi, Kenya in 2017. In 2018, he worked as an administrator at Vansburg Drumgold Enterprises. Being a bachelor’s and master’s in economics, his knowledge and skills has been a crucial factor in the establishment of the financial modelling technique that is currently being used by SZPL to fund low income housing projects. The model of which has attracted international attention in the Netherlands in November 2018 at Rotterdam University as the world class invention.